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Tips & Tricks – Backing Up Your Digital Files | Bloomington, IN Photographer

What do you do to protect your digital images that you purchased from your session or wedding?  Not sure?  We can help you figure that out.


There are a lot of ways you can back up your digital files.  The best way is online, but there are some options for backup at home as well.


Thumb/USB Drives – When you purchase digital files from us, they will come to you on a USB Drive.  We do recommend that you still back up these images once you get them home.  Thumb/USB drives are not the most ideal way to backup your files, but still effective.  You will need to be sure to label your drive to know what is on it.  Making sure that you get the correct size drive to hold all of your images is difficult.  If you are just using the drive to hold one session, or your wedding, it is easier to figure out the size needed.  We would recommend that any drives used solely for backup be put in a fireproof safe.  This will keep them protected against accidental damage, fire and theft.


External Hard Drives – Purchase an external hard drive that is large enough to back up all of your files.  You can get external drives that will backup your entire system.  This is most recommended.  Just like with the Thumb/USB drives, it is recommended that you keep your backup drive in a fireproof safe to keep it protected from accidental damage, fire and theft.  There are several brands of drives that are great for home use.  The most popular are Western Digital and Seagate.


Automatic Backup – Set your computer to automatically backup to your external drive, or online backup system automatically.  This way, anytime you add new files, they will auto backup and you won’t have to worry about setting up your backup at a certain time every so often.  The drawback to auto backup is when you have an external drive, it does need to stay connected to your system.  You will not have it protected in your fireproof safe.  Online backup is best for auto backup.

Windows Backup – For Windows PCs, you can set your backup to automatically run when new files are added, once daily, once weekly, monthly, etc….  Whichever you prefer.  Follow the link for instructions on setting up Windows Backup.

Mac Time Machine – As with Windows systems, you can set your Mac to backup using Time Machine.  Follow the link for setup instructions.


Online Backup – All of your files can be kept on an outside server so you can recover your files anytime, on any computer, simply by logging in to your account.  There are monthly and yearly subscriptions to most of the online services.  This cuts out the cost of a large external hard drive, and a fireproof safe to keep it in.  Also saves you desk space.  The 3 most popular online services are as follows:

Dropbox – This is what we use in the studio to backup all of your precious photographs!  They do have a free startup subscription which allows you up to 2GB.  More space can be purchased for a monthly fee.  You can set your mobile devices to also backup to your Dropbox, so you will never lose a photo from your phone.  When you upload the Dropbox app, you will set up your phone to automatically add any photo you take to automatically go into your Dropbox.  Cell phones get broken, lost and stolen all the time.  How often do you save your photos to your computer at home?

Google Drive – You get up to 15GB free storage space!  You can also purchase more space, if needed.  When you start to reach your limit, Drive will let you know that it is time to upgrade.  Not only does Drive have storage for your files, you can also use Drive to create documents which can be accessed anywhere you have internet service.  Word documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations can be made in your Google Drive.  You can even share your Drive files with anyone.  Allow others to also edit your documents as needed.

One Drive – Up to 5GB free storage space from Microsoft.  You can also make and share documents online, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and One Note.  One Drive comes with Windows 8 and newer.  You can also download it on your Mac system.  There are also apps for mobile devices.


Online Auto Backup Services – Having your system set up to automatically backup to an online server is a huge convenience.  And, most services are affordable, depending on the amount of space you actually need.  You can start small and add space as needed.  When you initially start an online backup, it will take some time to get everything from your system loaded onto their server.  After that, it will automatically backup overtime you get online.

Carbonate – Start with a 15 day free trial.  You can then choose to continue with a monthly fee.  Cost will be determined by the amount of space you need.

Mozy – There are a couple of options for monthly service.  Start with 50GB, and you can upgrade to up to 125GB.  Need more space than that?  Upgrade to a business plan for unlimited storage.

iCloud – 5GB free trial.  iCloud works with your Apple Computers and mobile devices to keep your files and photos all in one place.  There are options to add more space for low monthly fees as well.


With so many options out there to backup your files, you will never lose your precious memories!  All you have to do is choose the option that suits you best!

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Just Released Valentine Petite Sessions | Bloomington Child Photographer

Our Petite Valentine Sessions are sure to sell out fast (See the adorable set in the ad below)! These sessions have become a hit with families because they allow you to get amazing professional images in a short amount of time. We also are including Valentine Cards that are adorable!

2016 Valentine Petite Sessions “Its Raining Love” Includes:

  • 15 or 3o minute session options ($25 or $45 respectively)
  • In studio Ordering sessions with collections starting at $99 (no purchase is required)
  • 10+ images to choose from and online gallery after your ordering appointment
  • Sweet Treats for kids

When: January 30, 2016 from 10-4pm ONLY!

To book visit our online booking webpage to secure your spot. Payment is due within 24 hours online or within 1 week via mail. If you prefer you can email us at or call the studio directly at 812.269.8917.


Valentine Petite Mini Sessions


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Precious Baby Deacon visits the studio | Bloomington Newborn Photographer

Little Deacon was welcomed into the world just a few weeks ago in December.  I just love his cute little face, he was super sweet and is growing so fast already. Thanks to mom & dad for brining him in so we could play with him. I look forward to seeing him again for his next milestone!


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New Year, New Happenings at LWP | Bloomington, IN Baby Photographer

Happy 2016! There are currently so many exciting changes happening around the studio. I want to take a moment and tell you all about them. Plus, some yummy images!

First, we have a new full time team member! This is probably the biggest news, that I have hired my besets friend, Erricka Jones, to be my office manager and associate photographer for the studio (too bad she uses Canon. All in due time Watson, all in due time). You probably will chat with her at some point via phone, or email, and see her around with me. Erricka had a photography studio in Indianapolis (Muzik & Memories) that is also a DJ company (if you need music services). She and I have worked together for many years, and finally are able to combine our knowledge and visions into one company. Erricka brings a drive to be successful, and a passion for customer service, that is out of this world. She will truly be my biggest cheerleader, and I hers, as we embark on this new adventure together. I couldn’t think of anyone else to share this dream of mine with, and now it’s OUR dream. We have already begun implementing lots of changes for the studio. We have new products that we are thrilled to showcase.

Erricka Jones

Professional photographer since 2005.

Assistant for Gene Gardei Photography (North Tonawanda, NY) in 1990s.

Specializes in Weddings, Families, Pets, Boudoir.

Married to husband, Brian, since 2003.

Kids – Kali, Andreja, Kody, Brandon & Jesi.

Pets – Ryder & BB.




You may, or may not, know that in 2013 we acquired Social Butterfly Weddings and Events. Social Butterfly serves not only the Bloomington area, but also Indianapolis, Columbus, West Baden, and Carmel. Our weddings are stylish, full of details, romantic, and most importantly – fun and stress free!  We have been featured in local and national outlets including Style Me Pretty, Wedding Planner Magazine, Wedding Day Magazine, and Bloom Magazine. Find more about Social Butterfly at and if you need help planning your perfect wedding day just let us know.

We are adding some cool new products to our collections. Something new and fun for everyone! Be sure to ask about new products when scheduling your newborn portrait session or wedding photography.

Even the studio is undergoing some changes. We are redesigning our space to make your visit even more comfortable and enjoyable. New photos will be added to the walls to show our wide range of products that are available to you. Stay tuned for a studio tour!

From the Lynette Weber Photography team, we wish you and yours the very best in the new year!

Lynette Weber - January 4, 2016 - 5:35 pm

We are blogging again! Come check us out and leave a comment. 🙂

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